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“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, Where knowledge is free”

Plassey is steeped in layered historical legacy. The word ‘Plassey’ evokes a sense of irreparable loss suffered by Nawab Siraj-ud Daulah by Lord Clive and his allies in a decisive battle, popularly known as the ‘Battle of Plassey’ on June 23 in 1757. This undergraduate College was established in 2010 with an eye to the empowerment of the first generation learners of this area.

The college is situated in a remote part of Kaliganj Block in the district of Nadia. It is well connected both by train and bus routes. From the railway station and the bus stand the College is only 5 minutes’ and 15 minutes’ walk respectively.

The institution has the privilege of offering five courses in both Honours and Programme or Pass Categories: English, Bengali, Political Science, History, and Education. Geography and Physical Education are, however, offered exclusively in Pass Categories. The College boasts of about 5000-odd students, and it is flourishing and touching new heights. The academic vision seeks to bring the marginalized and impoverished locals of Plassey within the ambit of modern education and professional priorities in an age of cut-throat competition. Apart from the main building this College boasts of another four-storied building. It eyes to disseminate education in Science and allied disciplines. Read More

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Education signifies the acquisition of knowledge as well as the cultivation of human personality. It instigates individual transformation and drives social change. This delineates why the fundamental aim of education rests upon nurturing a comprehensive and harmonized personality, while also motivating scholars to be catalysts for societal transformation, thereby paving the way for future generations. In the present-day context, educational institutions serve as agents of change, facilitating an enhanced quality of education and subsequently contributing to an improved quality of life. As such, the leadership and management of these institutions have emerged as pivotal concerns for both their existence and excellence. Read More

Dr. Basant Kumar Pradhan
Principal, M.A. (Eco.), M.Ed., M.Phil, & Ph.D.(Edu.), P.G.D.C.A.

Vision of the College

The stalwart of the Black Liberation Movement Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation.”

Since the college is located in a socio-economically backward area with a substantial minority and scheduled caste population hence it is imperative for the college to understand the idea of Social Justice enshrined in the Constitution of India and to implement it within its jurisdiction in letter and spirit. Keeping this in mind the vision of the college is as follows:

  1. To provide opportunities to students coming from marginalized strata of society to empower them to deal with the challenges of life both academic as well as personal.
  2. To motivate students in achieving excellence in higher education learning.
  3. Since the number of girl students has consistently been higher than the number of boys over the years, the college is committed to women's empowerment by motivating girl students to complete their studies.
  4. To keep pace with the evolving teaching methods, effective and alternative techniques and interactive methods of teaching.
  5. To develop analytical ability, critical and independent thinking among the students.
  6. To sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the college.
  7. To enhance the effective and efficient management of the college.

The Mission of the College

  1. The college aims to provide the best education possible to students hailing from diverse backgrounds.
  2. The college is committed to creating a level playing ground among students so that none feels she/he is being left out.
  3. The college provides an environment of learning which transcends the boundaries of class, caste, religion, and gender biases.
  4. The college seeks to foster a sense of social responsibility among different stakeholders through moral and human values.
  5. The college intends to provide a platform where, during the most formative years of their lives, students may learn to explore, argue and assess all social, economic, cultural and environmental issues before them.
  6. The college endeavour’s to produce skilled individuals capable of making the world around them a better place to live in.

The Plassey College community is committed to following a set of enduring Core Values. These values are focused on the sustainable development of the institution and serve as a guide through changing times and shape our Mission, Vision, and Goals.

Inspiring Campus Environment:

A commitment to strive continuously to improve ourselves and our systems with the aim of becoming the best in our field. In doing so, we pledge to preserve a serene cultural and aesthetic environment which is welcoming, secure, pleasing, and well suited for our students.

Academic Excellence and Success:

Attain excellence in different disciplines by creating, preserving and disseminating knowledge to all aspiring students.

Value and Outcome Based Education:

We value student centered teaching learning process, focused on the outcomes, while following discipline, punctuality, sincerity, commitment and social justice, through demonstration and practice in the institution.

Women Empowerment:

We strive to bring out competent and self-reliant women to the society through higher education. We value the employability and skill development of our girl students through specialist, career oriented education.

Transformational Learning and Holistic Development:

We value and promote multi-disciplinary research, creativity, innovation, experimentation and critical thinking. We value learning and the pursuit of knowledge as lifelong processes of transformational personal and professional growth. Transition from the teacher – centric focus to the learner - centric approach in imparting knowledge.

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What is Strategic Planning?

The Strategic planning is conceptualized to be a blueprint for transforming the vision and mission of the College into discernible and objective realities. It essentially envisions the institutional decisions and actions that shape and guide what an institution is? What it does? and why it does so? This document acts as a fulcrum for calibrated and smooth functioning of the college on a day to day basis to ultimately meet its future goals.

The Strategic Planning of Plassey College

Plassey College was established in the year 2010. It is a government aided general degree college which used to offer two programs: B.A (Hons) and B.A (General). However, after the introduction of National Education Policy (NEP-2020), the distinction between Honours and General programs is getting renamed as Major and Minor courses. After the completion of one decade of its existence, the colleges undertakes a heady campaign to get itself NAAC accredited for the 1st Cycle. Since the college is poised to face NAAC, it endeavors painstakingly to equip itself for the upcoming assessment. Keeping this in mind, Strategic Plan of the college sets out a framework of priorities for the College, its divisions and departments. It is a first step in achieving the college objectives and is underpinned by more detailed implementation plans at the Committee levels.

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Best Practice 1: Environment Conscious Campus

1. Title of the Practice:

Environmentally Conscious Campus

2. Objective of the Practice:

The primary objective of the practice is to remain environmentally conscious in our everyday life. The college is situated in a green landscape, hence, within our limited capacity we want to impart environmental values in the minds of our students.

3. The Context

We try to transform our college into an eco-friendly campus. The issue of climate change is a matter of concern. It is high time to pay due care to environmental concerns for their scientific mitigation unless it is too late.

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“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls”.

-Rabindranath Tagore.

These immortal lines by Tagore have been etched in our collective conscience when it relates to dealing with issues of education and human dignity as potential enablers of social and intellectual emancipation. Prime motive in imparting education at Plassey College has always been man-making, to help learners manifest his human and divine qualities through which he can live with holding his head high in a world with universal brotherhood and fellow-feeling. Transcending the boundary of college campus, Plassey College aims to disseminate education and human values in adjoining areas and also at the adopted village Champai.

Plassey College was established in the year 2010. The demand for a degree college in the area with the prime objective of spreading light of knowledge to pupils who remained excluded from the rubric of education for generations led to the formation of the college. The college has a threefold responsibility which reflect its distinctiveness: firstly, to create opportunities for first generation learners by opening the door of the college for them, secondly, to ensure that students from minority and other oppressed communities must not get excluded from education and thirdly, to look after the female students by ensuring their completion of study in college. Besides being one of our best practices, women empowerment is also a distinctive character of the institution. The notion of social justice enshrined in Indian Constitution assumes a significant character in such a scenario. It is only through education and knowledge that we can create a sense of equity. Since its inception, the college has been painstakingly making endeavors in realizing these visions and remains committed to these principles.

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College Information

Establishment 679/(2)-Edn(CS)/4C-64/10 Date 25.08.2010
KU Affiliation RPS/IC/71/387/2010
UGC Recognition Approve by U.G.C. under section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956
Campus Area 5.37 Acre



  1. Academic flexibility of the college allows the students the option to choose from a wide range of programs and courses. The college, within a space of few years, has upgraded its programs and courses manifold.
  2. Several professors of eminence from the University have been invited by the college to speak on topics of interest of the students. The Departments often collaborate with the University of Kalyani to organize seminars, workshops etc.
  3. The college has dedicated teachers with excellent profile for imparting quality education. The teachers are committed towards continuous development and upgradation of qualification. The teachers remain constantly in touch with the major and recent developments in their respective academic field and other institutions and share the knowledge, expertise and experience with the students and other institutions. Most of the teachers are young and efficient. These young and efficient teachers are the major pillar of strength of the institution.
  4. The college boasts of a harmonious relationship among the administration, faculty, staff and students. The alumni and the parents, too, as part of the extended family of the college, remain associated with the progressive endeavors of the college.
  5. Student friendly attitude of the administration is strength for the college. The administration following its hierarchy concentrate on demands from each level of employers and students, analyze the demands and take decision accordingly to support the best teaching-learning environment.
  6. Extended activities like participation of students in various NSS led initiatives inspire them to be active part of society reminding their duties as the citizen of the nation and part of the environment.
  1. Shortage of fulltime teachers resulting in poor student-teacher ratio.
  2. Shortage of adequate non- teaching staff.
  3. Although the college has installed ICT enabled class rooms; number of computers per student for academic purpose is not of satisfactory level, it causes limitation of facility for all the students.
  4. In spite of a good stock of books, due to lack of a full time Librarian and adequate number of staff, complete digitization of the College library and giving the students digital access has not yet been possible.
  5. Poor ratio of total number of books available in central library vis-à-vis actual strength of student.
  6. In the pandemic situation when online classes and teaching-learning is becoming more and more important, a large number of our students who are from lower income group and in poor network coverage area cannot attend the classes regularly.
  7. It is true that we have efficient, skilled and experienced teachers but in several academic departments the number of teachers is not sufficient especially for smooth running of CBCS.
  8. We have not been able to start any science subject so far which causes the college to be of minimum scope in realizing the full potential of CBCS in comparison to nearby colleges which offer courses on science subjects.
  9. Major number of our students is first generation learner and of poor economic background which often cause them in trouble to perform their best.
  10. Till now the college couldn’t provide sufficient facilities to the physically challenged students. We still need more ramps with proper facilities, lift facility to reach 1st and 2nd floor (where library is located) to provide the differently able people an equal opportunity.

The college boasts of huge opportunities in areas like:

  1. The college is situated by National Highway 34 at Plassey. It is well connected by rail and road. Students commute to the college daily on public transport.
  2. The college considers the huge diversity of students as a major opportunity for the college to emerge as an institution promoting brotherhood and global competence.
  3. Promoting collaboration with various Government and non-Government organization is another major opportunity for the college.
  4. Raising the college fund and utilizing it intensively in proper way (in most useful heads) the college could provide more modernize technique before the efficient teachers and facilitate the students.
  1. The college is located in a district which has been enlisted as backward both in the reports of State and Central Government, a huge section of the students of the college hail from a poor to very poor background. These students mostly belong to the minority community, scheduled castes, and Other Backward Classes category. Most of the students are first-generation learners. As such, the college faces a huge challenge in uplifting these students to the mainstream of society.
  2. The number of female students in the institution is quite high; these girls, hailing mostly from economically weaker sections of the society, show signs of gender repressions at the entry level. They are found to be lacking in confidence, shy and lack decision making ability. The college faces the challenge of transforming these girls into responsible citizens who can match shoulder to shoulder with the boys in the three years of their academic life.
  3. The student-teacher ratio is a major challenge of the college. However, the recruitment of Full-Time Teachers and part time faculty is beyond the capacity of the college.
  4. In pandemic situation when online study and online teaching-learning is becoming more and more important, a huge number of our students who are from lower income group and in poor network coverage area cannot attend the classes regularly.
  5. Although the college acknowledges the areas mentioned above as prospective challenges yet it believes that every opportunity is a challenge and every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Hence it is striving to meet these challenges head-on and emerge triumphant whereby it will achieve distinction as a center of learning.

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