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Department of Sociology

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Sociology Department of Plassey College started with General Course in 2019. The goal of the department has been to equip its students with critical, analytical ability by providing them theoretical and analytical exposure to various social realities.

The basic character of Sociology lies in its criticality and reflexive nature. In Sociology one searches for and looks at recurrent patterns in the familiar social world quite differently from the way one is conventionally accustomed to do. In doing so students build up a store of sociological knowledge that provides them with their observational ability or develop their analytical capability. In a very important sense Sociology thus empowers its students and practitioners by equipping them with powerful insights into the social forces and processes that mould human lives and experiences, opportunities and constraints, and problems and possibilities in the contemporary and modern society.

Visiting Faculty: Susanta Biswas (M.A, M.Phil., UGC-NET)

Learning Goals in Sociology:

To support the development of our students' ability to "think like sociologists," we have established the following learning goals for sociology students:

  • To apply sociological concepts to real life conditions;
  • To integrate social theory and research;
  • To analyse quantitative and qualitative data to generate conclusions;
  • To examine critically social issues of importance;

Sociology, as a subject, has a broad spectrum of topics. These include:

  • Family issues,
  • Marital advantages and disadvantages
  • Deviance in society,
  • Divorce causes,
  • Criminology,
  • Dynamics of group interaction,
  • Gender roles,
  • Professional roles,
  • Public policy,
  • Dynamics of ageing,
  • Causes of social inequality.


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Susanta Biswas
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