National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC)

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11.2.1 List of students and the attendance sheet for the Certificate and Value added coursesDownload
21.1.1 Continuous Internal Assessment QuestionsDownload
31.3.1 Institution integrates crosscutting issuesDownload
41.1.1 Marks of continuous internal Assessment.Download


Sl.No. Title Download Copies of NET SET SLET PGDownload Copies of Ph.D. D.Sc D.Litt. L.L.D awareded by UGC recognized universitiesDownload
3Outcomes of Programmes and Courses offerred by Plassey CollegeDownload
42.6.2. Evaluation Process and Guidelines in Semesterized Ug CoursesDownload
52.6.2 Evaluation of Attainment of PO & CO on Column Chart based on Final Year ResultDownload
62.7 Currently Enrolled StudentsDownload
72.1.1 annual report of admitted studentsDownload Final Admission listDownload Document related to sanction of intake from affiliating UniversityDownload Certified report from Controller Examination of the affiliating university indicating pass percentage of students of the final yearDownload
112.4.1. List of full-time teachersDownload Final Admission listDownload Final Admission List Indicating CategoryDownload
142.4.2. Copies of Highest Degree of Teaching FacultyDownload
152.6.2 additional information (Distribution of Syllabus)Download
162.3.1 Institutional Data for Remedial ClassesDownload
172.3.1 NSS ActivitiesDownload
182.3.1 Student Centric Methods & Use of ICT-enabled Tools.Download
192.4.1 Joining Report of Full-time TeachersDownload
202.4.1 Sanction letter indicating number of postsDownload
212.5.1 Internal Assessment MarksDownload
222.5.1 Internal Assessment QuestionsDownload
232.5.1.Revised Examination RegulationDownload
242.6.1 Bochure for program & courseDownload
252.6.1 Course Specific OutcomesDownload
262.6.2 Evaluation of attainment of PO & CODownload List of Passed-out StudentsDownload Institutional Scanned Copy of Passed-out StudentsDownload


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13.3.1. Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals.Download
23.4.1: Outcomes of Extension activities in the neighborhood community in terms of impact and sensitizing the students to social issues for their holistic development during the last five years.Download
33.2.2 Number of workshops, seminars and conferencesDownload Copy of the Cover page, content page and first page of the publication indicating ISBN numberDownload


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14.3.2 Purchased Bills Copies highlighting the number of computers purchasedDownload
24.3.2.Extracts stock register highlighting the computers issuedDownload
34.3.1.Institution frequently updates its IT facilities and provides sufficient bandwidth for internet connectionDownload
44.2.1 Library is automated with digital facilities using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)Download
54.1.1 Infrastructure and other facilities.Download
7Audited income and expenditure statement of the institution signed by CADownload


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15.4.1. Alumni Association relaated DocumentsDownload
25.3.2 Average number of sports and cultural programs in which students of the Institution participated during last five yearsDownload
35.3.1 List and links to e-copies of award letters and certificatesDownload
45.3.1 Number of awards medals for outstanding performance in sports cultural activitiesDownload
55.2.2. List of students qualified year wise under each category and links to Qualifying Certificates of the students taking the examinationDownload List of students progressing for Higher Education, with details of program and institutionDownload Number and List of students placed along with placement details.Download
85.1.2: Report with photographs on ICT/computing skills enhancement programs.Download
95.1.3. List of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counseling offered by the Institution during the last five yearsDownload
105.1.4 Details of statutory or regulatory CommitteesDownload
115.1.4 Proof for Implementation of guidelines of statutory and regulatory bodiesDownload
125.1.4 Proof related to Mechanisms for submission of online and offline students’ grievancesDownload
135.1.4 Proof w.r.t Organisation wide awareness and undertakings on policies with zero toleranceDownload
145.1.4 Annual report of the committee motioning the activities and number of grievances redressed to prove timely redressal of the grievancesDownload
155.1.1Upload Sanction letter of scholarshipDownload
165.1.1 Policy document for scholarship for students provided by GovtDownload Year-wise list of beneficiary students in each scheme duly signed by the competent authority.Download
185.1.2 Report with photographs onProgrammes activities conducted to enhance soft skills,Language and communication skills, and Life skills.Download
195.3.1. Number of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activitiesDownload
205.1.3 Skills Enhancement InitiativesDownload


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16.2.1: The institutional perspective planDownload
26.5.1: Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has contributed significantlyDownload


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17.1.3 Policy document on environment and energy usage Certificate from the auditing agencyDownload
27.1.3 Energy Audit ReportDownload
37.1.2 Geo-tagged photographs of the facilitiesDownload
47.1.3 Environmental promotional and Green Campus initiativesDownload
57.1.2 Provide Links for any other relevant document(Waste management policy)Download
67.1.2 Policy document on the green campus plastic free campus.Download
77.1.1: Gender equity & sensitization, facilities for women on campusDownload
87.1.1: Gender equity & sensitization in curricular and co-curricular activitiesDownload
97.1.2. Bills for the purchase of equipment’s(D Sign)Download
107.1.4: Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment i.e., tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socioeconomic and Sensitization of students and employees to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens.Download

Other Documents

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ICT Facilities

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