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The college takes pride in its open-access library, known as Ratnadodhi, which houses an extensive collection. Among its shelves are numerous valuable books that significantly contribute to the academic enrichment of our institution. Additionally, the library consistently undergoes enhancements through the acquisition of new books, journals, and magazines. This approach ensures that it remains a vital knowledge hub.

Both the teaching faculty and students actively engage with the library's offerings, making use of facilities like book lending, journal borrowing, and digital resource access. This dynamic interaction highlights the library's integral role in fostering a robust learning environment. Impressively, the library boasts a vast collection of over 7000 books, complemented by an array of journals, magazines, and daily newspapers. This collective assortment significantly enriches the intellectual resources available to our campus community.

Furthermore, the library has evolved with time, incorporating Koha software and an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). These enhancements have been introduced to provide advanced capabilities, enabling automated searches and online accessibility for users.

Another noteworthy aspect of our academic setup is the presence of seminar libraries affiliated with each honours department. These dedicated spaces have been thoughtfully curated to ensure easy access for both students and faculty members. The seamless operation of these seminar libraries is intricately linked to the respective departments, guaranteeing tailored resources that cater to specialized academic interests.

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Saturday 10:30am to 5:00pm (Circulation till 4.00 pm)

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