Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education

About the Department

“Physical Education, as an integral part of the total educational process, is a field of endeavour which has as its aim the improvement of human performance through the medium of physical activities that have been selected with a view to realising this outcome”. - Charles A. Bucher

Physical Education is a subject that not only deals with formal education but also makes a student disciplined and educated from a physical, mental, emotional and social point of view. By considering the urgent need of our society recent concept of the educational process is directed toward the all-round development of the students. With this aim Plassey College laid stress on the introduction of the Physical Education Department for the students.

The Physical Education Department of Plassey College started its journey in 2017. From the very first, it was confined to General Course. The courses have been approved by the higher education department, Govt. of WB and are affiliated with the University of Kalyani. The department had a difficult but eventful beginning, with a small number of students but was determined to impart knowledge of Physical Education from the very first day.

At present, in the department, there are two teachers:

  1. Md. Nasiruddin Pandit, (H.O.D)
  2. Md. Shamim Akhter.

The intake capacity for this General Course, at the beginning, was 10 (ten) which is now expanded to almost 60 (sixty) students.

The mission of the department is to deliver quality education, proper infrastructure, and a healthy educational environment to produce quality sportspersons in order to represent them in the higher arena of Physical Education. Keeping the higher ideal of all-around development, the faculty members are dedicated and determined to encourage the students by making them participate in various co-curricular activities. We do believe in keeping the sportsman’s spirit while putting special emphasis on personality development.


Stratagic Plan

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Our Faculty

MD Nasiruddin Pandit
State Aided College Teacher (HOD)
MD Shamim Akhter
State Aided College Teacher

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101 Jun 2023Physical Education NEP2020 SyllabusDownload

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101 Jun 2018Physical Education General SyllabusDownload

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107 Mar 20243RD SEM PRACTICAL EXAMDownload
215 Feb 2024District Inter College Games & Sports Championship 2023-24Download
318 Dec 2023Annual Sports Hit and FinalDownload
407 Oct 2023Physical Education (2nd Semester) Practical Field ExamDownload

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