Electoral Literacy Club

Institutional Initiatives for Electoral Literacy

1. Whether Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) has been set up in the College:

An Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) has been set up in the College on 16.03.2022 as a constructive step towards promoting civic and electoral awareness belonging to the 18-21 age group.

2. Whether students’ coordinator and coordinating faculty members are appointed by the College and whether the ELCs are functional? Whether the ELCs are representative in character:

Plassey College believes that electoral literacy is crucial for fostering an informed and responsible electorate in a neutral and non-partisan manner, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the electoral process. ELC is representative in the sense that the departments mentioned above, and cells nominate one/two students to represent the more significant socio-political-economic issues and to orient the democratic vision of the life of the students. However, all students are members of the ELC. Coordinator (Nodal Teacher) – Dr. Probir Kumar Baidya has been working till now. The ELC is functional and active. The coordinator circulated all work, dividing work among the willing students. This motivates the students to do all essential work regarding ELC. So, this programme is very critical to our institution. ELC is representative as its members are chosen across different years/ semesters/genders.

3. What innovative programmes and initiatives are undertaken by the ELCs? These may include voluntary contributions by the students in electoral participation in voter registration of students and communities where they come from, assisting district election administration in the conduct of polls, voter awareness campaigns, promotion of ethical voting, enhancing the participation of the underprivileged sections of society especially transgender, disabled persons, senior citizens, etc.:

ELC of Plassey College organized many innovative programmes and initiatives. Students also attend Quiz Competition, Voter Awareness Programmes, and observe National Voters Day (25th January). Some Valuable titles cum quotation campaigns are routinely organized by the ELC.

4. Any socially relevant projects/initiatives the College takes in electoral-related issues, especially research projects, surveys, awareness drives, creating content, publications highlighting their contribution to advancing democratic values and participation in electoral processes, etc.

Every year, the Electoral Literacy Club organizes various programs like debates to celebrate Indian Constitutional Day. This program also aims to make students aware of the sanctity of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. Student members of ELC have participated in Youth Parliament Competition in 2018, 2019 and 2022.

5. The extent of students above 18 years who are yet to be enrolled as voters in the electoral roll and efforts by ELCs as well as efforts by the College to institutionalize mechanisms to register eligible students as voters:

The College makes every effort to sensitize its students about the electoral process. The ELC plays a crucial role in this regard. Through this club, the College notifies students above 18 years old who are yet to be enrolled as voters in the electoral roll to get their names registered as eligible voters from time to time.