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NEP Syllabus

Sl.No. Date of Effect Title Department Download
101 Jun 2023Sociology NEP2020 SyllabusSociologyDownload
201 Jun 2023Political Science NEP2020 SyllabusPolitical ScienceDownload
301 Jun 2023Physical Education NEP2020 SyllabusPhysical EducationDownload
401 Jun 2023History NEP2020 SyllabusHistoryDownload
501 Jun 2023Geography NEP2020 SyllabusGeographyDownload
601 Jun 2023English NEP2020 SyllabusEnglishDownload
701 Jun 2023Education NEP2020 SyllabusEducationDownload
801 Jun 2023Bengali NEP2020 SyllabusBengaliDownload

CBCS Syllabus

Sl.No. Date of Effect Title Department Download
101 Jun 2018Environmental Studies ComplsoryEnvironmental StudiesDownload
201 Jun 2018Sociology General SyllabusSociologyDownload
301 Jun 2018Political Science Honours SyllabusPolitical ScienceDownload
401 Jun 2018Political Science General SyllabusPolitical ScienceDownload
501 Jun 2018Physical Education General SyllabusPhysical EducationDownload
601 Jun 2018History Honours and General SyllabusHistoryDownload
701 Jun 2018Geography General SyllabusGeographyDownload
801 Jun 2018English Honours SyllabusEnglishDownload
901 Jun 2018English General SyllabusEnglishDownload
1001 Jun 2018Education Honours SyllabusEducationDownload
1101 Jun 2018Education General SyllabusEducationDownload
1201 Jun 2018Bengali Honours SyllabusBengaliDownload
1301 Jun 2018Bengali General SyllabusBengaliDownload

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