Environmental Studies

The department of Environmental Studies enjoys a special position at the college, having started its journey with the inception of the institution in 2010. Environmental Studies is an integral part of both the Honours and the Programme courses.  The subject as part of the curriculum taught under the University of Kalyani and got the approval of the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal.

The Department of Environmental Studies was only managed by Sayan Baidya from 2010 to 2016and From 2016 Ankur Biswas joined the college for teaching the subject. Since then, with the active co-operation of the students, the department has been taking bold studies towards higher achievements. Apart from the regular course of classroom studies, the teacher and students take active part in field-based works. In 2018, surveys were conducted i.e.

  1. Harmful effects of Parthenium plants
  2. Wastage of water in daily life

Study Material

TitleTeacherTotal DownloadDate addedDownload
Noise pollution, 19-05-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas419-05-2020 Download
silent valley movement, 18-05-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas518-05-2020 Download
Ganga Action Plan, 15-05-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas415-05-2020 Download
Narmada Bachao Andolan, 13-05-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas413-05-2020 Download
Bhopal disaster, 08-05-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas608-05-2020 Download
Rock, 05-05-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas505-05-2020 Download
Natural Disaster, 04-05-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas704-05-2020 Download
soil pollution, 30-04-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas430-04-2020 Download
Water pollution, 29-04-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas529-04-2020 Download
Air pollution1, 28-04-2020 Shri Ankur Biswas628-04-2020 Download
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Departmental Activities / Programme

Teaching Staff

Shri Ankur Biswas

Shri Ankur Biswas

Guest Lecturer (HOD)