All the teachers are expected know and follow the outline code of conduct for their profession.

  1. Professional accountability :
    1. A teacher should dedicate himself in sincerely implementing Government-policies affecting education.
    2. A Teacher should not engage in any activities which brings the profession to disrepute.
    3. He/ She should devote few working hour to the vocation and if needed should be prepared to work for the betterment of the institution.
  2. Commitment to Colleagues :
    1. All colleagues are to be treated as professionally equal, regardless of their status.
    2. A teacher should respect the functional superiority of those set in authority over you.
  3. Commitment to students :

    in fulfilling one’s obligation to students:

    1. A teacher should be sincere, dedicated and academically focused.
    2. Encourage students to think critically and maintain the institutional discipline.
    3. A teacher should adopt a humane approach in dealing with students who are physically challenged.
    4. Inculcate a feeling of pride among students for their institution.
  4. Commitment to community :

    The teaching vocation occupies position of public trust-

    1. A teacher should set an example for the community with his intellectual deliberations and maintenance of highest ethical principal.
    2. He/ She should have an impartial view on any issue that concerns the interest of the community as a whole.
    3. He should honor diversity of various sorts and work with dedication to spread the message of tolerance and harmony.