About Smt. Sreelogna Banerjee

Smt. Sreelogna Banerjee

Name Sreelogna Dutta Banerjee
Father’s Name Late Subrata Banerjee
Nationality Indian
Address No- 2, Kapasdanga Alipur, Post & Dist- Hooghly, Pin- 712103
Date of Birth 17.02.1987
Religion Hindu
Marital Status Married
Languages known English, Hindi, Bengali
  1. M.A in Education from K.U in 2010 with 1st div.
  2. B.A in Education (Hons.) from Kalyani Mahavidyalaya in 2008 with 2nd div.
  3. Higher Secondary Examination from WBCHSE in 2005 with 1st div
  4. Madhyamik from WBBSE in 2003 with 2nd div.
  1. Two years teaching experience Education (M.A) in the open and distance learning study centre at Kanchrapa College since September 2010 to January 2012.
  2. Teaching experience in M.A in Education at the Haringhata Mahavidyalaya study centre (NAD-02) since 2013 to till date
  3. Teaching experience in B.A in Education in the Plassey College as a Govt approved Part-time teacher since 24th Feb, 2012. To 31.12.2019
  4. Teaching experience in B.A in Education in the Plassey College as a State Aided College Teacher - CATEGORY-2) from 01 Jan, 2020. To till date.
Participation in Seminar, Workshop & Conferences:
  1. International Seminar on thoughts and ideas of Swami Vivekanada on Education organized by Dept. of Education , University of Kalyani in 18th & 19th April,2012.
  2. One day Workshop on practical papers of old curriculum and new CBCS curriculum (Education U.G) organized by UG, BOS (Education) in 7th August, 2018.
  3. International seminar and exhibition on Rabindranath Teagore Society, culture and education organized by Dept. of Education , Plassey College and dept of Education , University of Kalyani 28th April, 2018.
  4. Faculty development program on NAITALIM experimental learning and Teacher Education Curriculum organized by Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education, Dept of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development , Govt. of India, 6th to 12th March’2019.
  5. International conference on status of GIRL in society, The Indian and Global perspectives organized by Plassey College on 10th Oct’2018.
  6. One day State level Webinar Virtual Classroom Teachers organized by Classle SKILLNET on 6th June’2020.
  7. Participated in a National level webinar on Intellectual Property Rights organized by IQAC of St. Anne’s Arts and Science College, Chennai on 7th June’2020.
  8. Participated in National level Webinar on Covid 19 impact on Indian economy.
  9. National level Webinar Achieving Gender Equality in Higher Education organized by Plassey College Women’s Cell on 29th Aug’2020.
  10. State level webinar on National Education Policy 2020 joint collaboration by Plassey College and D.L.Roy College Education on 4th September’2020
  11. Two days International Webinar on Sustainability Amidst The Covid-19 pandemic organized by Charuchandra College, Kolkata on 12th and 13th August 2020.
  12. Participated in One day State level webinar on Renaissance of Bengal in Indian National Movement, Importance and Relevance organized by Plassey College and Siddinath Mahavidyalaya Education dept. on 15th Aug’2020.
  13. Participated in National level Webinar on Gender Sensitization and Empowerment of Women organized by GNCR Gurunanak College, Chennai on 3th July’ 2020.
  14. Participated in National level Webinar on Transforming Higher Education in the context of Covid-19 jointly organized by Dept. of Education MMT College and Plassey College on 24th June’2020.
Professional Qualification:
  1. 1. Qualified TET the WB Central School Service Commission 12th Regional level selection test in 2011.