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The Education Department of Plassey College started its journey in 2010. Initially confined to General Course, it has been offering Honours course to the student’s since 2014. The courses have been approved by the higher education department, Govt. of W.B, and are affiliated by the University of Kalyani. The department had a difficult but eventful beginning, with a small number of students but was determined to impart knowledge of education since the very first day.

The department began its ride in the hands of Mr. Subal Sarkar and then was fostered by the likes of Mr. Palash Roy, Mr. Sabbir Ali, Mr. Pulin Mondal, and Mr. Ashik Ikbal Hossain, Prof Arindam Bhattacharjee, Mr. Biplab Sarkar, and Mr. Ashim Das.

The intake capacity for Honours Course at the beginning was 30 (thirty) which is now expanded to 60 (sixty). The number of students awarded first class in the University Examination is10 (ten) in 2017 and 11 (eleven ) in 2018.

As Education is a multi-disciplinary subject, the department offers lessons on a wide array of subject matters including Educational psychology, Educational philosophy, Educational Sociology etc.

The mission of the department is to deliver quality education by providing a healthy educational environment, motivation and cultural awareness. The faculty members are dedicated and determined to encourage the students by making them participate in various co-curricular activities.

At present, in the department, there are six teachers: Dr. Dola Sarkar, Mrs. Sreelongna Banerjee, Mrs. Tanviara Mohammad, Mr. Abhijit Halder and Mr. Santu Biswas. Dr. Dola Sarkar, Assistant Professor, has been performing her duty as a Head of the Dept. since 2016.