About Us

Plassey College

Plassey College, situated in Kaliganj Block, is as institution in a remote and circumspect part of the district of Nadia. It is steeped in both history and nostalgia. Most of the students of the college hail from the first generation learners. It was founded in 2010.

The institution has the privilege of offering five courses in both Hounours and Pass Categories : English, Bengali, Political Science, History, Education, Geography and Physical Education are, however, Offered exclusively in Pass categories. This flourishing academic institution boasts of about five thousand or so students.

This College will soon incorporate a new building under construction with an eye to disseminating education of Science faculty in addition to already existing disciplines. The academic vision seeks to bring the marginalized and impoverished locals of Plassey within the privileges of modern education and professional priorities in the days to come.